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Third times a charm, Hawks in Playoffs AGAIN

ATLANTA, GA. -by Michael Leder

The Atlanta Hawks have been going through many changes during the past few years. It seemed as it had been years since the words "Hawks" and "playoffs" were spoken in the same sentence, probably because they hadn't. The blame could be placed in a number of places but it is finally time to put those pointed fingers down. Whether it's their new logo, new general manager, or new franchise players, the Hawks are back in the playoffs... Regularly.

Its not a fluke people; this year is a statement to all the people of Atlanta and the NBA that the Hawks are playoff caliber again. This is the Hawks third straight year they have made it to the playoffs. The 07'-08' season officially put the Hawks into the big picture again with their 7 game stretch against the to-be National champs Boston Celtics. Two years later the Hawks are still in the playoffs, solidifying their names amongst the NBAs elite. The March 24th buzzer beater against their division leaders Orlando Magic guaranteed a slot for the Hawks in this years' playoff scene.

You all know the cast, Bibby, Johnson, Smith, along with others, have all been putting the work in to get our team here for the third straight year. Last Sunday night's 94-84 win over the Pacers is just another brick in the road to the playoffs. But the regular season is far from over with a win against the Lakers, and two games against one of nation's heavy weights the Clevland Cavaliers. It has been an exciting season up till now, but as they say; the best it yet to come.


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